We are building the
system of
the 21st-century.

It includes ATM's, mobile POS's and an APP

to anywhere.

your blockchain secure
multi-currency wallet to carry day
to day personal and business


Pay, transfer money from anyone to anywhere. Multi-currency payment accounts including for major cryptocurrencies. Includes mobile POS's and ATM's


Unlike the current traditional payment systems, we are building the payment system of the 21st century for connected companies and/or individuals regardless of location, channel or device.


Development of abypay solution started in 2016, the concept was successfully showcased and tested at the 2016 Lisbon Web summit and is set to be launched in 2018.

Just a glimpse of few things that you can do with abypay wallet :

Request Payments

Instead of waiting for payments, try to request them.


You can pay euros, and your peer receive dollars or bitcoins.

Cash to Cash

When you need to send real cash, deposit at an ATM and your peer can withdraw it anywhere.


At any abypay
partner @store.

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For abypay investment enquires and to learn about abypay founders, features, roadmap contact us at info@abypay.com


You will get lower fees
and have access to big data

E-commerce, Stores & restaurants, services and more. abypay offers a fully connected multicurrency payment system for the 21st-century users. Save in transaction fees and be the first to innovate with abypay.
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