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Explosive Growth

Mobile point of sale (mPos) and mobile Peer to Peer (P2P) payments are set to have an explosive growth, as users move away from expensive and slow transactions, legacy ATMs and Cards.


Abypay bridges the gap providing instant multi currency payments, refunds and worldwide cash to cash remmittance at the cost of cents in a reliable, secure and safe environment.


Abypay is a unique solution that includes ATM's, mPOS's and APP's, allowing customers to transfer money from anyone to anywhere. Abypay adds new features like shared and request payments.


Boasting a team with years of experience: SebastiĆ£o de Lancastre (Payment Institution), Joaquim Lambiza (Cryptocurrency Development) and Jorge Pereira (Cloud based financial services).


We are ready to launch Abypay and about to take strategic decisions. We would like to share our roadmap and hear your thoughts. We expect to be available for the world by end of 2018.

A better world

Check out what you can do with this app

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Request Payments

Instead of waiting for payments, try to request them.


You can pay euros and your peer receive dollars. It's instant and magic.

Cash to Cash

When you need to send real cash, deposit at an ATM and your peer can withdraw it anywhere.


At any store or webstores you just need to use your Code